Portugal and the Algarve

I’m going through tons of last years photos and realized I never posted anything on here about my phenomenal trip to Portugal, which at the least deserves a post. Actually 2. My friend Will over at Wake and Wander and I eventually ended up in Lisbon (check back for that post), but started our trip in the southern region of the country known as the Algarve. It’s got that kind of typical small town surf culture, what I imagine San Diego might have been 100 years back, but it’s also not quite like anywhere I’ve ever been before, in the best possible way. Actually, if you can imagine an undiscovered southern California meeting Wyoming, in Europe, that’s exactly it…or is it? I don’t know. There’s big waves, rolling hills, friendly people, and beautiful landscapes. That’s the main gist, and what I focused on while I was there. Oh, and AMAZING coffee.

And thanks to the folks at Martinhal Resort, an incredible place to stay if you ever go, and Sandro at West Coast Jeep Tours, who really showed us some of the landscape and even let my crazy ass drive!


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“A Good Photograph is Knowing Where to Stand” …Or Hang

Ansel Adams said that, but I couldn’t help add my own caveat.

Shot this from about 20ft overhead, rigged between two trees with static rope. Luckily I had a good crew to help get me up there, and more importantly stay up there until I was ready to come down. Thanks again guys!

Mountain BikerRigged up from above


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Moab // The Desert Rocks!!

This is becoming an annual post. Moab in the late spring tends to be pretty freaking fantastic weather-wise and it’s an outdoor paradise year-round. I made another camping trip there earlier this year – surprisingly no climbing or mountain biking this time, but I may have to make another trip later this year. We did wind up on the Shafer trail, which was recommended by Outside Magazine this month, as well as some National Parks including Arches and Canyonlands. We managed to take a Fiat 500 up and down some pretty sketchy stuff and had a dozen people jump on a thin sandstone arch a number of times (myself not included). It was a good trip to say the least. Enjoy some photos:

Andrey Felker putting in miles near the campsiteArches National Park, UtahMallory Warman Smiles in Canyonlands National ParkTower ArchShafer TrailShafer TrailArches National ParkCanyonlands National ParkDogs in UtahMusselman Arch Jump


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Can is King // Oskar Blues Brewery

Last October, Will McGough (of Wake and Wander) and I got sent to cover a story about the bottle vs. the can in craft brewing. The obvious choice in Colorado being Oskar Blues in Longmont, who gets the credit for bringing good beer in a can to the US. I learned a lot talking with Dale (of Dale’s Pale Ale fame, pictured), and I now consider myself a can convert. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you’re so inclined you can learn more about it in the article on Outside Magazine’s adventure ethics blog.

Dale is a character to be sure, as evidenced by one of his favorite sayings, “Go F*** You!” He hates having his photo taken, so I heard it a number of times. Luckily he was willing to work with me, but I thought this lead shot was only fitting. I’ll leave you with a couple other favorite takes from the day.


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Mosaic Biotech Shoot and Our Gelatinous Future

The blue gelatinous stuff wiggling around below is a cool new material synthesized by a small biotech company in Boulder – Mosaic Biosciences. It’s some really amazing stuff that can be made to fit any mold, hold its shape, is completely biodegradable within the human body and will aid in tissue regeneration. The team at Mosaic mentioned some of the great medical applications that this stuff could be used for but – not surprisingly – everything they said went way over my head. I don’t want to misquote anybody so I’ll leave that there, but trust me, it’s cool stuff.

I went up to their lab a few weeks ago to shoot some images for their new website that just went live. They had found some stock “science” images online but ultimately wanted content that reflected who Mosaic really is – a small, but highly functional biotech company. We shot everything in their lab with their people, all during a horrendous snow storm that left 6″ of snow on my car in a few hours. All in all, it was a great time and everyone is more than happy with the end product.

The Gelatinous FutureThe Mosaic Team



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