Triathlete Kristen G. is a Badass

Determination is a difficult thing to wrap your head around. Kristen here, has more of it than most people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Not only is she a serious triathlete, she’s also a medical student on the verge of graduation here at CU-Denver. Did I mention she’s beautiful too? And just a freaking awesome person to be around, as evidenced by her willingness to get up at crazy hours of the morning to do a photoshoot 30 miles from home. Afterwards, she promptly turned down free breakfast at her favorite brunch spot in Boulder so she could go on a “short” bike ride, which I’m guessing was no less than 25 miles long. Impressed yet?

Anyhow, we got some really fun images of her with her tri gear down at Boulder Reservoir, where she regularly competes. Thanks to her, and some more help from some very talented people (Hair and Makeup: Laurel Doxsey, Assistant: Jeff Wilson) I’m super pleased with the take-home. Let me know what you think in the comments please!

Kristen and her bikeKristen at Boulder ReservoirKristen rides off into the sunset...err, heat of the day

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